Portfolio Management Services

We offer discretionary portfolio management services. Our investment advice is tailored to meet our clients' needs and investment objectives. We will gather information about your financial situation and objectives, and assist you in determining your investment goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and retirement plan time horizon. We will initially provide you with recommendations as to how to allocate your investments among categories of assets. We will then review your account on a periodic basis. Where appropriate, we may provide you with recommendations to change your asset allocation in an effort to remain consistent with your stated financial objectives. You are free at all times to accept or reject any of our investment recommendations.

If you participate in our discretionary portfolio management services, we require you to grant us discretionary authority to manage your account. Subject to a grant of discretionary authorization, we have the authority and responsibility to formulate investment strategies on your behalf. Discretionary authorization will allow us to determine the specific securities, and the amount of securities, to be purchased or sold for your account without obtaining your approval prior to each transaction. We will also have discretion over the broker or dealer to be used for securities transactions, and over the commission rates to be paid. Discretionary authority is typically granted by the investment advisory agreement you sign with our firm, a power of attorney, or trading authorization forms.

You may limit our discretionary authority (for example, limiting the types of securities that canbe purchased or sold for your account) by providing our firm with your restrictions and guidelines in writing.

As part of our portfolio management services, in addition to other types of investments (see disclosures below in this section), we may invest your assets according to one or more model portfolios developed by our firm. These models are designed for investors with varying degrees of risk tolerance ranging from a more aggressive investment strategy to a more conservative investment approach. Clients whose assets are invested in model portfolios may not set restrictions on the specific holdings or allocations within the model, nor the types of securities that can be purchased in the model. Nonetheless, clients may impose restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities in their account. In such cases, this may prevent a client from investing in certain models that are managed by ourfirm.

Types of Investments

We offer advice on equity securities, corporate debt securities (other than commercial paper), certificates of deposit, municipal securities, mutual fund shares, United States government securities, options contracts on securities, money market funds, REITs and ETFs. Refer to the Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss below for additional disclosures on this topic.

Additionally, we may advise you on various types of investments based on your stated goals and objectives. We may also provide advice on any type of investment held in your portfolio at the inception of our advisory relationship.

Since our investment strategies and advice are based on each client's specific financial situation, the investment advice we provide to you may be different or conflicting with the advice we give to other clients regarding the same security or investment.

Assets Under Management

At this time we are a newly registered investment adviser; therefore, we do not have any discretionary or non-discretionary assets under management.